donderdag 17 mei 2012

Guts and Glamour

De kerk in hartje Londen was tot de nok gevuld. Toen ik om me heen keek moest ik ondanks alles even lachen. Zelfs enkele van de stoerste verslaggeefsters hadden zich met een parelsnoer getooid om Marie Colvin in haar stijl de laatste eer te bewijzen.
Ieder van ons zat daar natuurlijk met zijn eigen herinneringen aan Marie. Feesten in Londen, Parijs en New York. Werk in Kosovo, Oost-Timor, Tjetsjenie, Bagdad, Gaza, Kabul, Cairo, Misrata en tenslotte Homs. Guts and glamour, daar kwamen al die herinneringen op neer. En op overtuiging - de overtuiging dat haar werk er toe deed.
"Going to these places, finding out what is happening, is the only way to get at the truth. It is not perfect, it is a rough draft of history. But historians can come later. You see such huge injustices happening and, as a reporter, you have a chance to tell people about that. ..... The point is to try to report as truthfully as you know how, about what you see and make that part of the record. You can't get that information in a war without going to a place where people are being shot at and they are shooting at you. The real difficulty is having enough faith in humanity to believe that someone will care."
Uit Marie Colvin, 21 October 2011 Woman of the Year